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Business Changers has among its objectives to contribute to reduce the digital gap that represents a problem for the growth and development of the global economy. With the term “digital gap” we mean the lack of qualified personnel in specific technologies particularly requested by the market.

For this reason, Business Changers has launched its own initiative, called the Digital Gymnasium, for the development of IT skills. The word gymnasium derives from the ancient Greek and indicated a place where physical training was practiced. We chose this name because, from our point of view, education is not only theoretical but also practical. Therefore, our training courses are not just lessons in the classroom, but a real laboratory where the trainee can carry out practical activities and immediately apply what he has learned (according to the Latin motto “Mens et Manus”).

The courses are completely free. Business Changers will provide classrooms, equipment, computers and greatly experienced teachers.

At the end of the course, the participants will receive a training certificate and the most deserving ones will be directly hired by Business Changers.

Courses list


The Blockchain course illustrates the distinctive features of the Blockchain technology and explains in detail how to implement innovative applications on it. Practical exercises are offered alongside theoretical lessons. As a prerequisite, at least basic knowledge of a programming language is required.

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Java 9

The Java course is divided into either Basic or Advanced depending on the initial knowledge of the student. The Basic course aims to bring the student to code in Java at the end of the lessons. The objective of the Advanced course is to provide the student with the skills to obtain the Java OCA (Oracle) certification.

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The course regards Salesforce, the most widespread CRM in the world. Two paths are possible: one aimed at system administration (Administrator certification) and the other aimed at developing application components (Platform Developer 1).

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Big Data

The course illustrates the main technologies of the vast world of Big Data (NoSQL, Hadoop, Analytics, Data Transformation). After a first phase of orientation, the student has the faculty to choose the learning path more related to his objectives.

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